Chrissie Freear

"Helping start up companies claim R&D credits is my passion and Nifty R&D is the quickest way companies can claim!"

R&D investment is key to high tech success and R&D credits offer up to 33.35% cashback on R&D investment - R&D credits are an essential method of R&D funding that startups cannot afford to miss and with our help, we won't let that happen!

I have vast experience in helping all manner of companies make R&D claims - from developing new environmentally friendly domestic cleaning products to bulletproof curved glass to state of the art Big Data systems to some of the largest wind turbines. Companies in almost any industry can be undertaking qualifying R&D and given the increasing importance of innovation in many industries, R&D really is crucial. Through Nifty R&D, I help companies identify those activities that qualify and importantly, all the associated costs that can be included in the claim.

I have jointly led the development of Nifty R&D UK and I'm really excited about the efficiencies that Nifty R&D will bring to companies in making R&D claims.

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