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If you're not eligible, we won't charge you anything. If you are eligible, we charge a small percentage of your refund's total value.

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A 30% cash value is assumed when calculating our fee (plus VAT), regardless of your tax position.

If you haven't claimed R&D before (with Nifty R&D or anyone else), we'll spend some extra time getting familiar with your business and its R&D projects.

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For large projects of low complexity we can arrange to cap our fees. Contact us: us on for a quote.

We have an enterprise solution for large organisations. Contact us to find out more.

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For large, simple projects, fee capping may be available. Call to find out more.
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Big four quality at boutique price

Boutique R&D provider
Sector specific R&D expertise
Lots of meetings/calls = time consuming
Expertise limited to R&D claims
Usually low or flat fee
Less than ~100 claims per year
No upfront fee
Nifty R&D
PwC's broad and narrow R&D expertise
All online, no meetings = quick to claim
R&D Experts see wider impacts on claims
PwC Quality, low success fee (c12.5%)
Dedicated specialists in SME R&D claims
No upfront fee
Large consulting firm
Broad range of industry R&D expertise
Lots of meetings/calls = time consuming
8+ hours of your time
Bespoke fee arrangements
Expertise in a wide range and size of claims
No upfront fee
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If we find you’re not eligible, we won’t charge you a penny.