Is my business eligible?

Over 15,000 businesses from a wide range of industries currently apply for R&D credits and over 80% of these are small businesses.

In addition, the government recently announced plans to improve access for small companies to R&D tax credits, so there has never been a better time to see if you’re eligible.

We fully support the government’s plans to make R&D tax credits more accessible and as a result, launched Nifty R&D to help small businesses easily find out if they are eligible and if so, help them make claims efficiently.

You’re likely to qualify if your business is:

  • a UK trading company,

  • does not receive funding for its R&D activities (nor has the work being subcontracted to your business)

  • meets the definition of an SME (see what is an SME?)

  • undertakes development which is advancing science or technology and facing challenges in doing so (see what is R&D?)

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