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About this sector

This sector relates to businesses that provide health-related services to consumers or the health sector.
This can include a wide range of activities aimed at improving or creating completely new products or processes for the health industry.

What can be claimed

  • Creating new innovative wearable technology
  • State of the art data analysis technology that reduces time taken to analyse samples and results
  • New innovative equipment such as scanning and diagnosis equipment
  • Improved drugs administration devices, such as new insulin pumps
  • Bringing new technologies into the health industry, such as tracking and mobile data analysis which involves advancing the existing technology and requires solving technical issues

Why can this be claimed

New and improved health products and software which involve moving technology forward and creation of technically complex solutions can include qualifying R&D.
There could also be qualifying R&D even if the technology existed elsewhere but needs extensive technical modifications to achieve the required goals– for example, if the technology hadn’t been used in the health industry before and therefore required extensive development and resolution of technical issues to enable it to be deployed in the health industry.

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