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Energy & utilities

About this sector

Energy and utilities covers any business that provides services or equipment within the power or water industries.

Businesses operating in this sector are almost always using technology to make power generating, management equipment or water services more efficient, which often involves elements of R&D.

What can be claimed

  • Developing more efficient methods for removal of pollutants from waste water
  • Developing a more flexible solar panel
  • Optimising a converter’s power throughput
  • Creating an efficient mobile phone cable
  • Designing an innovative power grid for a new building
  • New concept for using wind or wave power

Why can this be claimed

Making an appreciable improvement to technology which makes a device or process more efficient could qualify as a technical advance. Where a company has faced technical challenges to achieve this, there is likely to be qualifying R&D and a claim can be made.

Uk energy

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