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About this sector

Agricultural businesses typically includes any business that grows crops and/or looks after farm animals.

Agriculture businesses are often reliant on constantly trying to improve their yields or the quality of their product or reducing the cost of producing their crops or herds. Most R&D claims that we prepare for this sector relate to optimising process and improving machinery. Often agricultural businesses are faced with challenges such as shortage of inputs (e.g. water) or diseases, overcoming these can also be eligible.

What can be claimed

  • Using new technology and research to improve crop growth and processing methods
  • Improving soil management and irrigation techniques through technical developments
  • Creating a more efficient processing plant using technology or science
  • Developing an innovative smart sensor to track cattle movements

Why can this be claimed

When optimising your business by improving or changing farming processes, techniques or machinery, you may be advancing technical and / or scientific solutions.

Ariculture uk

2014-15 Expenditure